The Modern Booth

Clean and simpleJust Say Cheese!

Touch screens on Two Sides For Easy Interaction

Immediate Prints Available

Automatic Tilt

Never worry about height

Our camera detects faces and automatically tilts for every session. It'll capture a group of basketball players as well as a group of middle schoolers. It does this by using advanced facial recognition software to physically move the camera. This way your pictures come out looking centered and perfect every time.

Massive Prints

You can print anything from a classic 2x6 print to a massive 6x8!

This is how we're different: We give your guests the option to print the original image or the event template. Guests that are only familiar with the traditional strips will be blown away by prints that are four times bigger than what they were expecting

Pose Tips

Guests have more fun in our photo booth

Guests will be shown suggestions for how to pose. With over fifty suggestions, you'll never see the same set of tips twice. The videos are fully customizable, and you can shoot personalized ones!